Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How To Get Instant Traffic For Free

Learn about traffic exchanges and how these programs operate.  Check out this short video below.

Here is a short video by Sean Butler to help you understand what traffic exchanges are and how they can be used to get free traffic to your site.  If you're unfamiliar with traffic exchanges I highly recommend you watch this video for a more detailed insight.  Hope it helps you.

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The first traffic exchange program I joined and still use to this day is  They have a membership base of over 1,509,127+ members and counting for almost anything your promoting online.  I highly recommend this traffic exchange, if you're just starting out.  And I forgot to mention that it's totally free to sign up to start receiving traffic instantly.  

Check it out here, it's free:

To Your Success,
John Conley 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Have You Heard of

This incredible lead generating system allows members to post free pay-per-click type ads to promote your website or affiliate links for no charge.  You earn free advertising credits by clicking on the ads in the free newsletter, from the Blog or on the website, itself. In turn, others are directed to your promotions by clicking on the free ads you have posted.

This is a truly powerful system that I recommend to other internet
marketers who are looking for ways to get more leads and sales.

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its outstanding resources and member appreciation.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Serious Kick-Ass Converting Strategy For Traffic Exchange Users

In this post, you will learn a kick-ass traffic strategy that I've been using for the past 5 months to generate some great, consistent traffic to my site, i.e. (my landing page) for free. My main focus here is to build my list for future promotions and to also promote my traffic exchange affiliate links to my leads. The reason why, is to not only build my list, but to also earn more credits as an affiliate from the respective traffic exchange referral link I'm promoting.  The leads I promote my traffic exchange affiliate links to may possibly be interested in receiving free traffic as well to there site.  Earning free credits as an affiliate saves a lot of time surfing manually for credits.  The other benefit of promoting my traffic exchange affiliate links is the passive income I receive from upgraded members. So, in short, it is well worth the initial effort for building your down-lines as a traffic exchange affiliate.  The ultimate goal here is to leverage targeted traffic from sources other than traffic exchange traffic. Take that traffic and direct my visitors to my traffic exchange affiliate links, from the leads generated through my landing page.  The process would look something like this...

Diagram below to help illustrate 
Traffic/Visitors -> Landing Page -> Traffic Exchange Affiliate Link = Traffic Exchange Referrals

The really cool thing about this method is that I can promote other products and offers after the initial opt-in generated from my landing page.  It can be a Clickbank product, an ebook, or whatever offer that is relevant to what my visitors interests are.  The incentive here is to generate a sale potentially or give away a product of value to build rapport with your leads.  To add, it is extremely important to have relevant offers that correlate with the niche you're promoting in - to simply put it.  For example, if I'm promoting weight loss products I would create or outsource a landing page specially tailored to the weight loss niche.  Once my site is created I am now ready to start receiving traffic to my landing page so that I can build a list of leads to promote to and earn potential income.  As a traffic exchange surfer, you need to find a way to earn free credits automatically, while surfing for more credits for your site. Numbers play a major role in terms of the traffic you receive from traffic exchanges. The more page views you acquire, the more likely you'll receive a lead.

Now I hope you have a grasp on what I'm covering here so far as a traffic exchange member.  The strategy is to ultimately leverage your traffic exchange referral activities while surfing for more credits, and also earn some cash from upgraded referrals in the process.  The top traffic exchange members implement this strategy because of the power that it has, in terms of receiving a consistent flow of traffic and leads, with the additional benefit of earning money.

I have personally referred 26 members in my account. In return, some of my direct referrals referred other members that earn me even more credits each month for extra traffic. It's nice to have extra credits that you don't have to pay for or surf for in your account, from your referral activities.  Up-to-date I have also earned $968.46 monthly from 6 different traffic exchange programs combined, just from referring other traffic exchange members.  In order for you to do this you need some consistent traffic to your landing page right?  So where do I find consistent traffic that convert into leads and traffic exchange referrals?

The answer is simple...  I find prospects, leads, and referrals through "online groups and/or communities".  These groups are mainly found on sites such as, google plus, facebook, adsense, forums, and other social communication sites like the ones just mentioned.  These site have groups that you're able to join for free, if open to the public, on a variety of topics and interest.  The key is to find as many groups as you can in your niche, create a list of the groups you've joined, and network with people in these groups who share familiar interest.  This is a great benefit to you, not only regarding traffic for your site but also to find out what is hot in the market and to find out other ways to market your product effectively.  For instance, facebook is a great way to do a "group" search in the niche you're promoting a product in for you to join.  Below this post you will find a very cool video that touches on the power behind this method and how easy it is to get started for free!

 Just to get you started here are a list of social networking sites I use to find groups.

List Of Social Networking Sites:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Build a List Using Attractive Landing Pages

Landing Pages
Today I'm going to touch on the importance of converting the free traffic generated from the traffic exchange programs that you signed up with. The reason why it is so important to cover this topic is to have an understanding of the process behind getting the traffic and then converting that traffic into action. Whether it be for a sell to make money, a lead, or any kind of result regarding your promotional campaign.
Furthermore, it is important to have a sales funnel that automatically capture leads for your business. Landing pages will be the subject in this post, because these pages are a vital component to your business and online success. To have a full grasp of "what" a landing page is please refer to the link here titled "What is a Landing Page?" Publish by for the purpose of this topic on conversion.

A good landing page to capture leads can be very valuable over time for your online promotions. These pages tend to give the visitor a more straight-to-the-point approach tailored to their interested. Landing pages are meant to engage a visitors interest as quick as possible. Typically, a landing page comes equipped with an enticing headline, capture box, benefits points, and a good call-to-action. That is why landing pages are so powerful for converting traffic into sales. Another benefit of using landing pages is the ability to promote to your leads in the future, as long as your leads remain on your list.

For almost any business online it is important to build a list of leads to continuously follow up with  now and in the future. Your list is the heart of your sales funnel and your landing page is the brains behind the operation. I cannot stress how important it is for your online business. To find a suitable landing page you need to consider what you want to draw from your landing page. Mainly, an opt-in lead for your list I hope; Which is the main goal of a landing page in the first place. Once you have an idea for your landing page, it is time to build the page you desire.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Most Productive Traffic Builders Online Today

This is a nice traffic building system you can count on.

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