Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Great Strategy I Used To Finally Get The Ball Rolling...

Now this strategy I used can be more effective in my opinion, in terms of traffic generation and also conversion, but their are some costs associated in order to get started.  In your traffic exchange membership area you'll always be giving the option to upgrade your membership to receive higher hit to hit ratio and also a replenishment of bonus credits every month as an upgraded member.  But if you're not taught how to use these extra credits properly it could be a waste of money and a burden on your budget to say the least.  I'm going to provide you with a strategy I used to earn a modest income online using simple traffic exchange programs.  

First and foremost, you have to really understand why people use traffic exchanges for free traffic in the first place.  And why it can be frustrating trying to produce any results using traffic exchanges directly.  It's actually quite simple I've found out.. Most people don't usually use traffic exchanges to BUY anything, most members use them to ADVERTISE for free! That's why it may seem difficult to sell a product or service through traffic exchanges.  The best strategy I was taught at the time, was to not only figure out the targeted audience I was advertising to, but also create my own LIST of targeted prospects that were interested in my product or what I had to offer. Which usually consisting of something relevant of value that was free of charge.  By doing this I needed a few internet marketing tools to get me started. 

First, I needed something to capture visitors information who were interested in my offer (a simple name and email address). This is known as a Lead Capture Page.  What a lead capture page enables you to do in short - is take some general information automatically from your visitors and store them in your Auto-Responder that is integrated with the lead capture page you are promoting. I'm going to try to keep the subject at hand as brief as possible to make sure your staying with me here. Assuming that you're already familiar with Lead Capture Pages and Auto-Responders.

Next, I needed something to send out a series of automated emails that my visitors will receive after signing up through my lead capture page.  This tool is known as an Auto-Responder (as mention above).  Again I want to keep it brief, but I will provide you with additional information on Auto-Responders later and lead capture pages if your not familiar.  Now at the time it cost me $10 a month to host my own lead capture page and $20 a month for my own Auto-Responder.  Lastly, an investment of $100 to 3 different traffic exchange programs that were reputable.  In total my cost for the first month was $130 I spent for my business venture online.  Just by using the 2 resources, it helped me to make back my $130 after the first month and also a recurring profit of $510+ a month thereafter.  And has been growing generously ever since. 

The reason why I had such a good return on my invest was because I was creating an audience that was targeted base on what I was offering.  For example, say I wanted to sell an e book on "How to make money on ebay?".  My first step would be to purchase or create a lead capture page around the subject matter and offer a bonus to my visitors for signing up, like something free but relevant to what I was selling. Afterwards my Auto-Responder email series would then automatically follow up with my prospects, with my sells link embedded into the series. I made sure to give valuable content and other resources to build a good rapport. The follow up email series would share my sells link up to 4 times. Not to be perceived as overly pushy or spammy, just to inform and recommend

So the power behind both tools I've discuss above is incredible and has produce some great results.  This approach is a little more advanced but very lucrative.  Because your not only creating a targeted audience to promote to, but also a reputation for people to trust and like.  That way your prospects will be more willing to buy from you in the future. If you would like to learn more about Auto-Responders and Lead Capture Pages just click the links and from there you will be taking to the direct sites. The 2 sites mentioned have videos and content for you to navigate through for your comprehension. Take advantage of the strategy in this post at your convenience. 

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