Sunday, November 27, 2011

Getting The Maximum Results Out Of Traffic Exchanges

My Friend Bob Asked Me...   "Hey John, Am I using traffic exchanges the correct way for maximum results?"

Bob is actually a close friend of mine, who is also marketing products online as an affiliate.  He has his own site that he sells products from to earn income online.  When I introduce the idea to Bob about using traffic exchanges for free traffic, he told me that they were not effective enough to produce any results.  "So why use them?" - He stated...  Which was a good point at the time but he didn't see the big picture.  The 'big picture' alluded him as it did for me when I first started using Traffic Exchanges.

I mean, why wouldn't it?  Think about it... You get to the site and it's very colorful, with certain traffic exchange themes that look a little childish at face-value.  Then when you do actually sign up for a membership you're clicking all day to receive credits/visitors to your site as a free member initially.  The more Bob tried to succeed with traffic exchanges the more he failed.  The mistake he was making wasn't in the products he was promoting, but rather the audience he was promoting too.

Through my own experience I had to understand the audience that traffic exchanges attract.  To do that I had to find similar trends through all Traffic Exchange programs that I was signed up with and what people were actually interested in.  I found that approximately 85% of traffic exchange members were promoting business opportunities or other ways to get traffic.  Paid traffic or free traffic, it doesn't matter.  The number one goal for members, is to get quick traffic and/or make money the fastest way possible, for free.

Which is an approach that the average member might take when first using theses traffic exchange programs.  I realize over time it produce very little results and was very time consuming to say the least. The best advice that I gave Bob was to think outside the box, rather then be inside the box. We all want traffic but its hard to convert that traffic into actual sales. The best approach in my opinion would be to build a list of leads that are interested in what you have to offer from traffic exchanges. Then promote the product to that list. When signing up for a membership be specific in choosing relevant categories that you want to target and receive traffic from. Narrow down the your targeted audience to make it as laser targeted as possible for the product your trying to promote. Interest is the best approach in understanding what other traffic exchange members want.  So try to target the interest of other users, while building a list. 

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