Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Build a List Using Attractive Landing Pages

Landing Pages
Today I'm going to touch on the importance of converting the free traffic generated from the traffic exchange programs that you signed up with. The reason why it is so important to cover this topic is to have an understanding of the process behind getting the traffic and then converting that traffic into action. Whether it be for a sell to make money, a lead, or any kind of result regarding your promotional campaign.
Furthermore, it is important to have a sales funnel that automatically capture leads for your business. Landing pages will be the subject in this post, because these pages are a vital component to your business and online success. To have a full grasp of "what" a landing page is please refer to the link here titled "What is a Landing Page?" Publish by http://unbounce.com for the purpose of this topic on conversion.

A good landing page to capture leads can be very valuable over time for your online promotions. These pages tend to give the visitor a more straight-to-the-point approach tailored to their interested. Landing pages are meant to engage a visitors interest as quick as possible. Typically, a landing page comes equipped with an enticing headline, capture box, benefits points, and a good call-to-action. That is why landing pages are so powerful for converting traffic into sales. Another benefit of using landing pages is the ability to promote to your leads in the future, as long as your leads remain on your list.

For almost any business online it is important to build a list of leads to continuously follow up with  now and in the future. Your list is the heart of your sales funnel and your landing page is the brains behind the operation. I cannot stress how important it is for your online business. To find a suitable landing page you need to consider what you want to draw from your landing page. Mainly, an opt-in lead for your list I hope; Which is the main goal of a landing page in the first place. Once you have an idea for your landing page, it is time to build the page you desire.

There are many ways for obtaining a landing page online, but my two main ways that I go about getting a landing page up running is to find a landing page template online. Or hire a person online to build one for me. To find a landing page template just go to google.com and type in the search box "landing page templates" and you will come across many sources online to accomplish this task. Secondly, if you want the work done for you use the same approach but type in "elance job for landing page design" and you will find many sites that provide this service to you at an affordable price. Please note, that freelance designer and elance designer are both one in the same when performing your search. Also, check out sites like fiverr.com, topminisite.com, and guru.com, to see what their designers can do for you.

 If you would like to create some pretty awesome looking landing and capture pages I Really suggest you check out http://leadcapturepageboss.com. Lead Capture Page Boss is an ingenious system for creating and customizing great-looking landing pages. This system also come with its own built in auto-responder that you can customize how ever you want. A truly remarkable system to say the least. See for yourself. It's free.


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