Saturday, June 16, 2012

Paid vs Free Traffic In My Opinion

Free Traffic is the name of the game if you're on a budget, that is why I enjoy exploiting these avenues first before PAID traffic online.

For Two Main Reasons:
  1. No risk involved when using free sources of traffic when it come to money. Just the benefit you get from them just by being an active member of their network. Moreover, using free classified ads or traffic exchanges are a few known ways for receiving free traffic.
  2. These programs are very simple and straight forward.  If you do not gain any positive results from these advertising sources then why risk money in paid ones first.  

From my own personal experience I would have to recommend using these free programs, initially, before you get into paid advertising.  It may not be the best option for you but in most cases the safest way of getting some descent traffic.  So when researching for traffic sources for a good flow of free traffic or to generate some leads, my advise would be to test free and paid campaigns to compare the two for optimal results.  Be sure to research the benefits you can gain from the two traffic sources.  To add, there is minimal risk involved when using free traffic sources so try to exploit these sources first.

If you enjoy building a list of leads by giving away free products, then it would be in your best interest to advertise with free membership base traffic sources.  Think about it, most free members are looking for freebies mainly so why not exploit the opportunity for building list?  More value in generating leads for your business in the long run, through my own experience.  Especially, if you have a business opportunity because most members are looking for cheap traffic or a business opportunity online in these networks.

Now when it comes to paid traffic be sure to do your home work. I've found that the best approach is to do some market research first to maximize your invest, or return on your invest (ROI). Find other marketers or bloggers online and use the research as an indication of how the market is doing. See if people online are buying products or services in that market first before you decide to spend money advertising in it. Also, when it comes to paid traffic be sure that you are capturing leads so that you can market to your own community of prospects at a later time.  I wanted to keep this post short and sweet to identify the difference, from my own experience, between using paid traffic vs free traffic. Keep an eye out for my post on using paid traffic for incredible results.

To Your Success,
John Conley

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