Friday, December 14, 2012

Great Method For Recruiting Other Traffic Exchange Members

First, let me start off by saying that the tips presented in this blog post should not be under estimated.  These were the same techniques I use to start producing results, regarding traffic, from traffic exchanges programs in my first month.  If you've notice, when it comes to using traffic exchanges, you want to get as many visitors to your site as possible when you sign up for one of these programs. It's a numbers game. The more visitors the more likely you'll see results.  Whether it be for, list building, income, or business promotions, you need the maximum visitors to your site as possible per session.

Through my experience I recommend that new members refer other member after signing up with these programs; in the initial stage of using traffic exchanges of course.  At least for first few months..  Because you'll receive credits and also cash, continuously from the members in your down-line due to their productivity and credit earnings.  In order for you to start building a down-line you need traffic to your traffic exchange referral links.

In order to start this process you have to understand who might potentially be interesting in these types of advertising programs.  And also why people are advertising through these traffic exchange programs in it self.  Just to keep it brief I would like to share with you 5 great traffic sources I used when referring other members in my traffic exchange down-lines.  These sites have a huge membership base of over 100,000 plus members so there is plenty of "free traffic" for you to take advantage of.  The traffic sources posted below are not going to EXPLODE your down-line overnight, but will help you generate a consistent flow of sign ups for your traffic exchanges over time. So test some, if not, all of the programs below to see what results you might gain by using them.

"My Top 5 Traffic Sources That Helped Build My Traffic Exchange Down-lines"

 1. Safelist Advertising:

Simply speaking, a Safelist is a membership base site which allows members to post email ads to each other. This means that you can send an email advertisement to other members who are associated with the safelist community you've joined, and in exchange you agree to take delivery of email advertisements from other members from the same safelist community conversely. Safelists also provide other forms of advertising such as, text ads, banners ads, and so forth.

How does a Safelist work?

Safelists are generally credit based mailers, meaning that one could email members based upon how many credits have earned in your account manually or paid.  For every one credit you have translate into one member you're able to send your email ad to. There are two affordable ways to earn credits, you can purchase credits (become a upgraded member) or you can just read other users email ads and click the credit link in the email that is sent to your inbox. This credit link takes you to their site and you get credits included in your safelist account for doing so.

There are many free members, meaning that the chances of your site being viewed are good. That means that you are almost guaranteed visitors, or sign ups, as long as your emails are generally eye catching and interesting to read.

Example Here:

2. Classified Ad Sites:

Now when it comes to classified ads I'm not referring to your newspaper classified ads - which are similar to online classified ads, but rather, I'm referring to "online classified ads". In short their isn't much of a difference between the two, just that one publication is hosted online and the other is paper generated. Classified ads site can be great for instant traffic. Moreover, not all traffic from classified ads will be quality traffic, but decent traffic to get visitors to your site. It just comes to down to how well you can target your audience, write a compelling ad script, and capturing leads from classified ads online for your business or service.

Example of a Classified Ad Site Here:  

3. Social Networking:

Social Networking like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest can generate a good flow of free traffic. People love these sites for the social dynamic social networking site deliver. We are in technological social generation. So taking advantage only makes sense while these sites are still hot.

Examples:,, Google Plus, and much more.

4. Warrior Forum/Forums:

In short, a forum is an online message board where people come together to have a discussion on a specific topic or subject. Forums have been around for many years as a platform for online communication. I enjoy using forums for free targeted traffic to my site. Subjects and discussions may vary through different forum communities. So do a good search engine search tailored to the specific market you would like to join a discussion about. For example, type in a keyword for the market or niche you would like to target. Use this format when searching for a forum online for the best results.. "Your Target Keyword Here" + Forums. The search engines will search for the forums that targets your keyword search term then provides you with a list of popular forums for you to chose from.

For Internet Marketers Alike Visit Warrior Forum Here:

5. Text Ad Sites:

If you would like to advertise for free then I suggest you take a look at free text ad traffic. Free text ad sites are compared to safelist sites in terms of the credit base method of receiving traffic for their members. You can earn free ad credits and free mailing credits by clicking other members ads, banners, or email links provided by other members.  These are highly-visible ads that members click on to earn credits, which means they must go to your website and view it for 20 seconds to earn credits.

These ads rotate randomly on all sites in the network and on participating websites which means your visually powerful ads could be seen by thousands of new prospects every month. All ads earn credits for members when clicked on. I love this method of free advertising because it works. 

Check It Out For Yourself Here: 

Again, the traffic sources listed above is what I use to generate a consistent flow of leads and to help build my down-lines in the respective traffic exchange programs I've joined. As long as my referrals (members in my down-line) stay active members I earn credits, cash, and other remunerations offered by traffic exchanges from my referral efforts. So try to take advantage of the benefits you gain by referring others to the traffic exchange programs you join. It is strictly up you.

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