Saturday, February 9, 2013

Receive Free Traffic Exchange Credits From Your Referrals

Basic strategy I used the first time I joined a traffic exchange program.. method will teach you a way to generate a good amount of traffic every month for free.  This was the first strategy I followed when I first started seeing great results from traffic exchange programs.  If you signed up for a good traffic exchange program you would want to focus on minimizing the time and effort you spend trying to receive hits/credits from all your traffic exchange programs manually. While maximizing your credit and click-through ratio.  You'll find that it takes to much of your time with very little results.  Instead of taking the same approach as most members, take a different one.. Let people do the surfing for you by initially referring other members to the traffic exchange programs you have signed up with.  Because every time you refer someone as an affiliate you get bonus credits, a percentage of their surfing efforts in the form of credits and in most cases a payment if that person decides to upgrade.  

Think about, if you receive 100 credits up-front (hits or visitors) for everyone who joins under you and a percentage of their surfing activity, you will start to create an avalanche of continuous traffic from your referrals. For example, if you were to refer 3 people and in return received 100 credits per referral, as a bonus, that would be 300 credits up front for referring other members.  How long would it take you to gain at least 300 credits from every traffic exchange manually?  A couple hours per traffic exchange program maybe?  So it really does make sense to refer people to your traffic exchange affiliate link. It has worked for me and I'm sure it will work for you if you just put some effort into this method.  

From 1 traffic exchange program I'm receiving thousands of free traffic every month from the first 12 people I referred years ago.  As they refer other members I'll always earn a percentage of credits from other members surfing activity, in my down-line, many levels deep.  So start spending more time referring and less time surfing it makes it much easier to get more visitors to your website in my opinion. Check out my post titled "My Strategy For Recruiting Other Traffic Exchange Members" to help you build your own traffic exchange down-line.

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